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At Bamford Orthodontic Practice, we have invested in the latest equipment and technology for our dental and orthodontic practices. By utilising new technologies, we are able to treat our patients with a high degree of precision, accelerating treatment time and results.

Take a look at some of the technology we use at our practice in Rochdale.

iTero intraoral scanner

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is designed to capture a high-precision 3D scan of a patient’s teeth so that treatment can be delivered with speed, accuracy and reliability. This device allows us to treat complex cases without the need for impressions. Below is a video detailing how this device is used to assist in orthodontic treatment, dental implant treatment and aesthetic crown and bridge cases.

X-ray equipment

Bamford Orthodontic Practice offers modern digital x-rays to increase precision in capturing photos of the teeth. Additionally, we use similar state-of-the-art technologies to allow for quicker treatment, including:

  • Cone Beam CT Scanner - generates images of the teeth and jaws in 3D to give a millimetre accurate assessment of teeth, bone, nerves and other important dental structures.
  • Dental Panoramic Tomogram (DPT) - moves around the face to give a fast and accurate 2D view of the teeth and jaws to aid diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Lateral Cephalometric Machine – takes a side view of the skull and lower jaw.

These additional facilities are particularly useful for planning orthodontic and dental implant treatments. This on-site technology means quicker diagnosis, fewer visits and avoids referral to another site to have the tests performed.

Orthodontic technologies

Endodontic microscope

The use of a microscope can assist with root canal treatment. Often root canal treatment is simple particularly with front teeth. With multi-rooted teeth the procedure can be more complex and referral to a Specialist may be advised. The use of a microscope to magnify the root canals can increase the chances of success with root treatment.

Orthodontic technologies

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Orthodontic technologies