Your first
orthodontic visit

Your first

Your first visit to the Bamford Orthodontic Practice will be an exciting step in your smile journey! You will have the opportunity to meet your orthodontic treatment team, familiarise yourself with our clinic, ask any questions you have about treatment and get a better understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals. We look forward to making it easy and effortless for you.

What should I expect?

Your first visit is an important step in gathering all the information needed to move forward with treatment, whether it be braces or Invisalign. During this time, we get to know you and complete an oral exam with digital x-rays, if needed.

  • Evaluate – We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your orthodontic needs through medical and dental history questionnaires, an oral exam and any digital x-rays or photographs.
  • Treatment plan – Once we have enough information, we can outline the different treatment methods that benefit you. The information taken during the evaluation allows us to formulate a personalised treatment plan.
  • Cost – After selecting a treatment method, we will explain all fees and costs associated with your plan. We will also explain all financing options available to you so you can get started on your smile.

Your first visit to Bamford orthodontics

We can’t wait to meet you

We are looking forward to having you at your initial consultation and are eager to answer any of your questions. Once you fill out the appointment request form, our team will be in touch to get you booked in.

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Your first visit to Bamford orthodontics